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Author: kspretenderfan
Pairing/Characters: John Reese/Zoe Morgan

Links to sites containing my Fics:

Person of Interest Fiction (John and Zoe ship)

Risk Series - Begins after Season 2 Ep5 Bury the Lede. The purpose of the series was to slowly carve a history for Zoe that the show doesn't focus on. I hoped to still try to keep both John and Zoe in character, but clearly the Risk series isn't canon at all except for the hot chemistry between John and Zoe. Hope you enjoy.

Landslide Series - Begins after s2e15 Booked Solid. Starts with what happens in the Penthouse Suite after Zoe accepts John's proposition for "another round". This will be an exploration of the possibility of "normal" for my OTP. Not much of the case fic (either Zoe 'fixing' something or John working with the numbers).

Twins Series - starts off with Third Time's the Charm with a sequel called Twins Ransom. This Series wasn't really supposed to be a series, but the Twins seemed to have captured the hearts of some readers so there you go.

The Pledge - In an effort to encourage other J/Z shippers to write john/zoe fics, I pledged to write one J/Z shipper fic a week for the next six weeks (starting on 3/23/13 and ending 4/27/13) in addition to the series of fics I already have in the cue (ie Twins, Landslide, or Risk). In return, I hoped to encourage the rest of you out there to write, write, write J/Z fics. I'm sick of reading my fics over and over again. I already know how they end, won't someone throw me a bone and write some j/z? Please, with a cherry on top?
Although mostly PWP with a touch of a little somethin'-somethin', it's looking to be like a series. Each fic built on each other.


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